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 well hallelujah the end is in sight.
essay completed and handed in and i'm actually well chuffed with it.

presentation also seemed to go well, was pleased with the work i put in and felt it was worth the extra effort as i did my best.

final exam i think was okay too and between me and you hoping for a decent mark.

have really enjoyed philosophy and hoping we'll do some more at moray house. made me think in a whole different way and really enjoyed learning from justins style as i think his style is truer to uni,a very distnctive learning curve too, sure it'll be of benefit at moray house hopefully won't feel as though ive been chucked in at the deep end quite so much.

roll on results and roll on September...................so excited.........................    

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 just remembered to type up bibliography before handing essay in tomorrow for initial analysis and no doubt to give poor justin a jolly good laugh at my paltry efforts! had good day at college today, can't explain it but been in a very good mood all day.

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 have finished my essay !!!!!
it's only 331 words over !!
will give it to justin on friday so he can tell me it's all wrong and needs to be done again from scratch. i'm pleased with it as an essay but have doubts whether it's really what he is looking for. 
even done first page of presentation. not hard really to type title and my name!
now about to take my boy to docs with suspected appendicitis, poor wee soul.

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 good golly, think i'm almost ready to type up my essay. seemed to suddenly all click into place on monday and got loads done. have mind maps and notes. still want to do a wee bit more research on philosophers who  may be able to help but think i'm almost good to go. if i hadn't had to go to work yesterday would have ploughed on and got it written up.

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keep forgetting to fill this in whenever i do something for my essay. finished introduction today for justin for monday which prompted me to fill this in. hope intro is ok, quite enjoying this subject but not enough to make me want to change my options at uni but have to admit class does make me think. 
2 books i bought were good, short introduction to ethics and ethics, inventing right and wrong. both had stuff on abortion but think friday class with justin has actually given me more on the sides i can use in my essay. got a couple of mind maps done too to try and help me arrange my thoughts and ideas. i plan to write my essay from these referring back to the books and the info i managed to retrieve from athens website too which i have to admit is good. hope moray house has access to this too.

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ok here goes,

my pi essay is going to be on the social implications of abortion, abortion has become more of another form of contraception in our modern society with many young girls having more than 1 abortion because basically tyhey are not using any other form of contraception.

i've looked a wee bit at stanford university website which has a few good essays on the ethics of abortion, think they focus mainly on a rights based argument and a few religious based ones too. bought 2 excellent books about ethics on saturday which also have a few pages on abortion, unfortunately can't remember their titles.
 Utilitarianism would also have something to say on this too as surely the consequences of repeated abortions on a mother cannot be good, either for physical or mental health, surely it would also say that the life of a child is more important than the whim of the mother? obviously we cannot use utilitarianism in the sense of the greatest happiness for the unborn child or can we? will that child be raised unhappily if the mother is forced to go through with her pregnancy, then again if we were to bring in the many childless couples who would benefit from the adoption of this unwanted child, surely their happiness and that of the child would be greater than the unhappiness of the mother.

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for monday 25th february 2008.

ok, almost sure i'm going to do my practical investigation on Abortion and the right to life. Is it ok to take this right away? A life is a life. Under what circumstances is it ok for people to decide to take that right and that life away.
Strangely enough after some initial research this is an issue that most if not all religions agree. A life becomes a life upon inception. A fetus does have a right to life.
I'm interested in this issue mostly because abortion seems to be becoming another form of birth control in our promiscuous society and the current laws in my opinion are too lax. There is very little excuse in modern day Britain for young girls to have repeated abortions. Birth control is widely and easily available, advise is available and is tackled in schools during PSD classes. Having known 2 close acquaintances who have recently undergone abortions for entirely different reasons and a young 15 year old who went through with her pregnancy just in the last 12 months, i've been questioning myself over my views and probably more so because of my religious beliefs.
There seems to be quite a lot of research available. I picked up a book at College called Moral Issues in Six Religions. There are also many internet sites, one i've looked at so far is the Stanford University in the States, which has published a few papers on the issue of abortion.
I'm hoping I'll get 2000 words from this. it will be interesting.

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just sat down for about the 5th time to reread utilitarianism. then to try and write summary of chapter 1. i know summum bonum is latin for 'the greatest good' i also kind of understand means and ends but it's not so easy to define into clear concise language. basically the 'means' is the way things are done to get a result and the 'ends' is that result. for example. good exam results. the means would be lots of study and the 'ends' would be the good results. the major difference between ethics and science according to Mill is that in science there are definite answers. 2 + 2 does equal 4 because we can physically prove it but with ethics  we are discussing non physical things and it is not physically possible to measure things like happiness or 'good'.. away to read it agai nd try to work out some more answers. still not feeling great, very tired all the time, hoping this will all make more sense after tomorrows class.

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ok, wee bit happier after mondays class, still a daunting task but broken down a wee bit into bite size chunks. still really unsure what i'm going to do my PI on. was thinking about abortion but is that too wide a subject, should i narrow it a bit? if so, what to? could focus in on elective abortion of female fetuses, which obviously is illegal but does however exist. have picked up a few books from the library to help, also picked some up on religious issues. Think the does god exist arguement is far too wide and doubt if justin will be happy with an essay that just says - yes- 2000 times! anyhoo, lots to think about.

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ok, tried to get into community as per address justin gave us and can't. getting rather annoyed !!!
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